Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, as we appreciate all your glory that surrounds us each day of our lives, help us to know your awesome love and to love you. And guide that love in us to spill-out to all the people we encounter each day: our neighbors. Forgive us for our failure to love and change our stony hearts into fleshy ones filled with gratitude. Please comfort our family members and friends who suffer illness and pain, especially Danni, Judi, Molly, Gail, and all who have asked for our prayer. Please comfort all who are hit hard by our recent storm. Help us live with joy.

Birthday: Gail Audino (11/9)
Keeping In-touch: We enjoyed visiting with Marge's nephew, Tim, at the Novitiate of Holy Cross Community at Cascade, CO. on Saturday. They have a beautiful, quiet place for the young men to prepare for their service in the priesthood. We also enjoyed a less quiet trip to Old Chicago to celebrate Tim's birthday with him. Although the Tigers did not win the World Series -- :( for family and friends in and from Michigan -- we delight in the winning streak for Notre Dame :)  The leaves have fallen and we're prepared for the ghosts and goblins that will haunt us tomorrow evening. Boo!   

The Readings: Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  I wrote my "prayer" (above) before I read Fr. Foley's comments this week. The "spill-over" seems to have hit both of us in our reading of the scriptures for this weekend. I also thought of the question, "What is the greatest commandment?" and likened it to my students' question, "What do I need to do to get an 'A'?" Translated: what is the minimum of effort and the least quality of papers I have to write to get an 'A' in this course? Are those the questions we ask about life? Rather, let us ask, "How can we have the most joyous life possible!?" "How can we experience the best life has to offer?" I'm betting it comes with love of God and neighbor... How do you experience your "zest for life"?


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, help us to quiet ourselves so we become fully in-tune with what we want. Help us to know our deepest desires and how they point to our desire for you. Fill our hearts with gratitude and take away all that alienates us from one another, from our world, and from you. Help us to really see so, acting on our faith, we may bring you glory. 

Birthdays: Mike Lay (10/31), Dcn Lugaid Brugha (11/2), Mike Norton (11/2), Elonore Kobza (11/4), Larry Pribyl (11/4)
. Anniversaries: Larry & Judy Lay (11/29), Shelley Kari & Ken Lay (11/1).

Keeping In-touch: Not much has changed, since I was late last week, but getting off to an early start this week. We participated in a wonderful celebration of Fr. Eustace's 50th Anniversary of entering the Society of Jesus. And Fr. Ed Poehlmann treated us to a delightful concert with some good Wyoming/Colorado music. Our friends, Gary & Joan returned from their sojourn to Pennsylvania and celebrated their return and Marge's birthday, 'cause they missed the earlier festivities! The weather prognosticators warn us of a snowstorm toward the end of this week, just in time for the trip we're planning to visit Marge's nephew, Timmy, at the seminary in Colorado Springs. If we get stuck for a while, I expect that the Holy Cross Fathers will at least show the Notre Dame football game!
The Readings: Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  
Fr. Foley's challenge this week hits the spot for me: what is it that you want? I think I know. I think it's in-tune with what the LORD wants. I think I need to learn to squawk better! How about you?

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, thank you for all your gracious gifts, especially your gift of healing of our loved ones. Help us to be good servants and not to seek places of honor. Please be with us as we carry our little crosses each day. Let us be filled with your life and bring you glory.

Birthdays: Bill Husson (10/22), Don Lay (10/24, Haley (Smith) Foresman (10/27), Jason Schnitzer (10/27), Cameron Frodl (10/28), Tim Weed (10/28)
. Anniversary: Carol & Andy Ondish (10/22).

Keeping In-touch: The week slipped away again... My daughter Megan came for a visit and we all celebrated Nathie's third birthday. He was so filled with joy with all his gifts of cars and books. He grows so fast. Thank you for all your prayers for Danielle Lay, she is recovering from the surgery and will hopefully be freed from the awful migraine headaches.  

The Readings: Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  
We must have all tried the tactic of James and John when we were children, "Mom or dad, please just give us what ever we ask for." And we heard the response, "What is it you want?"
And we've all heard the saying, "Watch-out for what you ask (pray) for!"
So once again, in Mark's Gospel, we witness the very humanness of the disciples. I hope these examples will help me to check my wishes and desires. I hope they will help me seek the Lord's callings for my life; for that will truly bring me joy.


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, help us to really know that nothing is impossible with you. And help us to find your kingdom by responding to the greatest attractions of our hearts: to be one with you. Do not let us be fooled by the glitter and glamour of riches and wealth so we may inherit eternal life. Grace us, please, will all our needs, especially a quick recovery for Danielle.

Birthdays: Nathan William Gulmantovicz (10/15), Ken Lay (10/15), Josh Parise  (10/19);
In Memoriam: Elizabeth Lay [mom] (10/17/2002), Dick Blake (10/17/2006).

Keeping In-touch: We are sliding into fall, enjoying (most of the time) football games, and delighting in the colors that surround us. We're paying attention to all the political goings-on. And have thought and prayed often for our niece, Danielle (see Mike's note that I just received).

The Readings: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  As I try to "make a go" of my services for community building and religious education, I become depressed, that I haven't landed a greater number of  clients who will use the tools we have to share. I'm saddened that have not made this enterprise profitable (as well as prophet-able). I fear that my selfishness and sin keep me from recognizing the working of the LORD in my midst. Am I really willing to sell all I have to follow Jesus? Am I correctly discerning the LORD's will for me (which would be the "greatest desires of my heart"). I'll continue to plug-away, quiet myself, and know the LORD's love and call.

Jesus looks at you and loves you. Can you gradually let go of those things that thwart your love in response?
Or must you go away sad? (Foley S.J.)


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Friday, October 5, 2012

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, thank you for my beautiful Bride, the "suitable partner for the man," you have entrusted with me (O.T. reading). Help all people to love deeply!(Foley). May we all grow closer to that most wonderful love of the Trinity. Let us "accept the Kingdom as a child." (Gospel) And thank you for the wonderful color that shines for us this time of year. Please care for Danielle and heal her and bless all who are sick and suffering. Forgive us our selfishness and sinfulness. Please soften our stony hearts and minds to know your will as we choose our next set of leaders. Help us live full lives and bring you glory.

Birthdays: Bill Smith (10/8), Cameron Stevens (10/8), Judy (Stuckle) Lay (10/8), Linda Kent (10/10), Clarley Stevens (10/11),;
Anniversary: Pat and Mary Norton (10/10); In Memoriam: Dan Gravelyn (10/9), Frank Low (10/9).

Keeping In-touch: We experienced a fast transition from hot summer to nippy fall days! I kept quit busy, picked-up some work helping my friend David Ward use the VLE for his reflexology course, picked-up a grant searching skill, watched the movie For Greater Glory (3x -- once with our SCC group), put the house back together, and welcomed my Bride home from her visit to Iowa. And this week has almost passed me by with a trip to visit "the gold in them there hills" with Grandma Kobza and working to keep-up with my growing number of projects... there is so much life to live!

The Readings: Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  As I encounter the readings for our celebration I can not but remember all the loving married people in my life who have committed themselves to each other and accepted the responsibility to give a concrete witness to us of the presence of Christ, living the sacrament of matrimony. And I can feel some of the pain of those who anguish because of divorce. Oh how wonderful will be the day when the full inclusion in the explosive love of the Trinity will consume us. Let us enjoy a process of moving closer to that awesome LOVE.

May our lives call out "good news" to all we meet this week. And as St. Francis said, "Use words if necessary."


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