Monday, May 26, 2008

June 1st; Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time

My Companions

I hope this finds everyone filled with life and enjoying good health. I failed to keep sending my "Keeping In-Touch" emails and Kim asked my why I stopped. I'll uses the excuse we all use, "My life became so busy..." but as I told her, "I needed more interaction and feedback." So I hope you will join in my preparation and comments on next Sunday's scripture readings and participate in this blog. This will be a better forum for preparation and community building.

Keeping In-Touch

I have played a bit of tennis and have kept keep busy with my online courses. And a week from today we will travel to the Emerald Island so our planning and preparations keep us hopping!

I'm also very excited about reviving The Emmaus Institute that never really took-off. I have learned so much by teaching online and I'm finding resources that will help me serve online community building and religious education for others.

I wrote an article for "Leaven" with the title "My jihad, as a Catholic, with Islam."

Matthew graduated with his Masters in history from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on Friday. He will move back with us and begin working on another Masters in education at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Link to the Readings

Comments on the Readings

Fr. Foley tells a story of a trip to Ireland and comments on the foundation issue of our Gospel Reading:

My Reflections

I know that I must listen more to the scriptures and to the wonderful companions in my life who help me stay grounded. I thank my parents and the faith communities that help me to experience the commands of the Lord as blessings. This I see as the strong foundation in my life.

I hope you will take some time to add to this blog as we prepare for our celebration on Sunday. Also, let me know what you would like to add to our prayer list.

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.