Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions: Let us pray for relief for the poor people of Haiti who suffer because of bad government and a terrible natural disaster.  Please remember those in "our network" who are sick: especially Pat O'Donnell, Madelaine Lumpp (who's recovering from surgery), Donna Farrell (esp. Feb 2nd) and Helen Luckett (Ed's Mother).  I'm thankful for the responses we're receiving as we build The Emmaus Institute Partner Network and pray for continued discernment that our work alligns with God's will. (I hope I didn't leave out any requests you've made.)

Birthdays: Cullen Stevens (1/11), Mary (Dean) Norton (1/15)

Keeping-in-touch: As I try to remember last week (and now most of this one) I know I kept busy but it all just blurs... short term memory going???  I did work hard on my college classes and building our basic courses for Emmaus.  We had the baby alot last week, but not-so-much this week.  Our small church community gathered (good record for the year: we've made all meetings).  And on Monday I attended a wonderful presentation on Icons (see an analysis of the Icon in this post) by Fr. Michael O'Loughlin the Pastor of Holy Protection of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church in Denver.  Of course we always have "forwards" to read, if we ever think we have nothing to do.  Our phone keeps busy as we continue to hear good news about Julie's pregnancy and Nana and Lori Beth discuss "the most beautiful baby in the world."

The Readings Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Comments on the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Fr. Foley: “Just as the Father can change a forsaken people into ones that delight him, so Jesus is able to transform water into the very best wine—a symbol of making our lives into his delight."

My Comments: It's great to start the year (and our reflection on and participation in the ministry of Jesus) with a party: people filled with life.  And the best parties I have attended were weddings... where care and love ooze.....

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Baptism of the Lord

My Companions: On this cold, cold morning my first prayer is one of thanksgiving for our comfortable home.  I follow this with a petition for help and compassion for all who suffer because of the elements.  I ask the Lord to bless my sister, Judi, and all others who suffer both physically and emotionally (the pains of rejection from those we try to serve and love).  Also as we celebrate the start of Jesus' public life, Lord open our hearts and teach us your ways.

Birthdays: Rebecca Munez (1/3), Dave Debaar (1/5), Jack Lawrence Parise  (1/7)

Keeping-in-touch: Marge and I rang in the New Year in our usual way: a bit early and watching On Golden Pond and we started the year very quietly.  We've cared for Nathan the last couple days; he has "a good set of lungs" so we're on our toes.  We've watched a lot of football and I keep plugging away at recruiting partners for our Emmaus Institute project we expect abundance in 2010!  Classes begin this weekend so the year has begun full force.  I had the opportunity to visit with Pat O'Donnell a couple times and enjoyed hearing about his dissertation topic (Jesus and ecumenism).  I hope this year we all take time to slow down and share stories and visions with one another.

The Readings The Baptism of the Lord

Comments on the Baptism of the Lord: Fr. Foley: “God is like a parent watching his teenager’s growing pains. Help all you can, but definitely do not try to stop the growing."
My Comments: I can help but note the difference between the example of Jesus and the behavior of many of our "leaders" who vote themselves raises when "little ones" suffer greatly in this present economic environment.  I wonder what we must do to hear God voice call to us "... I am well pleased."

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.