Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Allegory of Faith
  My Companions: Let's pray for all those who cry out to the Lord because of their experiences of violence and ruin (Habakkuk); Lord hear their cry and help us do the work of rebuilding and peace-making.  Let us pray that our faith may grow, maybe to the size of a mustard seed (Luke), that we may, with joy, do what we have been called to do for God's Kingdom.  Also continue with our special prayers for Dan Gravelyn, Joseph Gregory Forseman and Pat Serveiss.  Also, remember Fr. Tom Foley (86) who left us Sept. 23rd.

Birthdays: Evan Joshua Parise (9/1), Mike Pintek (9/7), Mary Kate Weed (9/13), Taylor Smith (9/13), Margaret Lay (9/19), Fr Eustace Sequeira (9/20), Chris Lay (9/23), Eric Olson (9/25), Karen Grossaint-Long (9/26).  Anniversaries: Julie & Jason Schnitzer (w. 9/5), Lori Beth & Tony Gulmantovicz (w. 9/7), Gary & Joan Carnegie (w. 9/8), Evelyn & Jim Green (w. 9/13), Chris & Dave DeBaar (w. 9/18), Willalee Haris (d. 9/19), Chris & Don Lay (w. 9/20), Mary & Chuck Olson (w. 9/23), Fr Tom Foley (d. 9/23), Becky Peterson (d. 9/30)

Keeping in-touch: I have missed sharing this with you for the whole month of September.  I wish I could say, "Oh, I stole away for a thirty day retreat, like some of my Jesuit colleagues do." but that would be a lie.  I simply kept busy with other things.  We enjoyed a wonderful gathering of our son, daughters & sons-in-law, and especially our grandchildren, Labor Day weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies.  The time was much too short.  I began a full teaching load: two traditional college courses and two adult evening courses.  I thoroughly enjoy the younger students (and have always enjoyed my adult students, but I breathe a sigh of relief that those courses ended last night).  We completed a major migration of the Denver Deacon's VLE to a new server (learning curve almost did me in!!).  I took our "dog & pony show" to the staff of Our Lady of Fatima Parish and will do a presentation for parishioners of our parish, Nativity of Our Lord, tomorrow.  The network builds slowly.  I had a wonderful breakfast with my friend, Dave Larson, as he passed through town on his way to help his brother plow the fields.  And I enjoyed a round of golf with my highschool tennis partner, Bob Blackburn, and one of my present tennis opponents, Mike DePriest, as Bob did his whirlwind of golf trip through some western states.  We received a wonderful gift: Joseph Gregory who's ready to take-on the world early (born at 26 weeks, weighing in at 2 lbs); he's doing well but keep praying for his "fight for life."  The challenging news last month included, Dan Gravelyn's fight with cancer has taken a bad turn and our friend Pat Serveiss took a spider bite that sent her to the emergency room where we could have lost her had doctors not acted quickly.  I expect a quieter October... just looked at the calendar: forget that!!

The Readings: Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Comments on the Readings: Fr. Foley, "God is saying, “I understand your sorrow and I will make things better.” The big problem is that “wait for it” part. God will make things better but not yet."

My comments: I think we "cry-out to the Lord" because we don't see "the big picture."  I wonder what we would think/feel if we did have a birds-eye view of that painting.  Could we really handle the Mystery, the Love that consumes all the pain and suffering and "makes it right at a time beyond our knowing"?  How wonderful to live, with others, committed to the One who brings real satisfaction, security and development to our lives.

May the peace of Christ be with each of you,