Friday, February 27, 2015

Cara Lou Ross 4/16/1932 - 2/21/2015

Cara Lou Ross
April 16, 1932 -- February 21, 2015

Cara Lou was born in Scott City Kansas on April 16, 1932 in a trailer to Anita Workman and Clarence Sasser. Cara Lou passed away peacefully in Broomfield, Colorado on February 21, 2015.

Cara Lou's mother Anita passed away when Cara Lou was very young. Cara went to live with her Grandmother Workman and was raised right along with her aunts and uncles, cousins and stepbrothers. Times were hard and the depression was in full swing. Grandma Workman worked at a chicken processing plant and brought home whatever scraps didn't sell to use for their supper.

Cara Lou stepped on a nail as she jumped off a porch at the age of twelve. This started a very serious bone infection that required surgery to graph bone from the hip to her foot and ankle. The infection wasn't getting better and it looked like she would lose her leg. All hope was lost until she was referred to a doctor testing a new drug called Penicillin. This new drug was the answer to many prayers.

Later in life Cara Lou met Albert Ross; they married right before Al left to go into the service. Upon his return they immediately began their family: three children; Rick, John, and Mark. Cara Lou loved kids and would help as many in her neighborhood that would come over with problems or who just wanted to hang out with her and the boys. Cara Lou was talented in many ways; sewing and cake decorating were among her favorites. She loved cars; Her pride and joy was a 1965 Buick Riviera with the 425 360HP engine, she really did enjoy driving that car.

Time went on and health became a major issue. Cara Lou was diagnosed with Lupus after her first of four strokes; nothing could dampen her spirits or her wonderful love of laughter. She lived with a positive attitude and a fighting spirit. She always knew just what to say at just the right time to make you feel special and cared for. Cara Lou was easy to get to know and easy to love. Cara Lou was blessed with twelve grand children and twenty-two great grand children to date.

"We loved our mother, all her life... and we will continue to love her for the rest of all our lives as well." 
                   Rick, John, and Mark