Friday, April 5, 2013

Second Sunday of Easter (or Sunday of Divine Mercy)

My Companions pray with me: LORD, help us to know Your love and Your mercy. We praise you with a heartfelt "my LORD and my God!" Forgive us for hiding from Your love and Your mercy; forgive us for our fear and our doubt. Thank You for the glory of Your life within us and for all Your blessings that we regularly take for granted. Please comfort all who are sick especially Aunt Grace and Larry & Bev's four elderly family members.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, & In Memorium: My calendar is empty next week... let me know if I have missed you.
Keeping In-touch:  I've not written a blog post for some time. My dis-ease of busy-ness and ill health have passed so I pray with you again. Actually one of our companions mentioned yesterday that he read my posts, so I'm motivated to pray in this way again. We are celebrating the Spring and had a beautiful celebration of Easter last Sunday. Marge excitedly anticipates the visit of her good friend, Gail, next week and I'm finding some new routines for better physical and spiritual health. We chomping at the bit to begin our summer camping trips. 

The Readings: Second Sunday of Easter (or Sunday of Divine Mercy)

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J. 
My comments and an invitation for your comments:  This Gospel is so challenging: we live in fear and have many doubting moments. We need only to experience Jesus' greeting of "Peace be with you." and we will have more abundant life... how easy this is to write, what keeps us from the fullness of the experience?  I hope we will let our worries and our doubts dissipate this week so the Love of Christ flows through us more fully.


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