Monday, August 31, 2009

Mike McClanahan 1973 -2009

Mike was an avid adventurer who rock climbed and hiked. He worked in logistical support for the US Antarctic Program having travelled to Antarctica numerous times since 1994. He was a great husband and dog lover, with affection for our two Labrador Retrievers, Chester and Stanley. He passed away on Friday, August 28th at the age of 36 after battling cancer and respiratory illnesses.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time

My Companions: We have prayers of gratitude for Audrey Fox delivered a healthy baby last week. But we also have prayers of sorrow: one of Cullen’s students, Emily Johnson, died Saturday in an auto accident. (see A prayerful hug of those near and dear to you is in order after learning this. Nick (Katie Lay’s fiancĂ©e) had a challenging medical exam (see brother Don’s comment on last weeks post) and Josh Parise (Christine Lay Parise’s husband) fights a fever so pray for them. While we are at it let us pray in gratitude for the good health many of us enjoy.
Birthdays this week: James Carnegie 8/26,
Keeping-in-touch: I had a wonderful experience serving the faculty of Presentation of Our Lady Catholic School to a retreat experience in the mountains. Marge and I were treated to dinner twice last week with Tom Duggan and Margie and with the Carnegies! We “baked at the ballpark” with the DePriests… but the Rockies won!
The Readings:
Comments on the Readings: Fr. Foley: The interior life of Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew that any law of the Kingdom of God must emerge from the love he found in love or else be empty
My Comments: I am dumbfounded (if you can believe that) at times when I think of how the law/laws can serve us… and keep us alive. Yet, at other times, the blind following of laws delude me into complacency. I pray for a heart that is “on fire” with the Spirit that transcends all laws.

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions: I hope you saw the added comment from Fr. Ed about prayer needs: John Harakal and school funding needs. I also learned that Deacon John Smith’s sister, Gloria Torrence, has liver cancer and is concluding her treatments, so keep Gloria in your prayer. I also learned that Sandy Howard’s mother died this summer and will add her name to our list. And please continue to pray for all who are unemployed or under-employed. Don’t forget to praise the Lord for all the glory we find in life… and expect to experience in the full!
Birthdays this week: Margie Pintek 8/11, Katie Lay 8/19.
Keeping-in-touch: We visited good friends, Greg and Pat, while they were camping near us. Randy and I met with a publisher of “courseware.” We’re enjoying our cool summer weather as much of the rest of the country burns. Marge and I seem to be fighting a summer bug, but our energy levels have begun to return to normal. I spent much time preparing for the retreat I will lead with the teachers of Presentation of Our Lady… and I’m excited for this work!The Readings:
Comments on the Readings: Fr. Foley: And of course, in his command from last week, to eat and drink his body and blood. The writer of John’s Gospel did not think it necessary to explain that Communion makes us “become what we have eaten,” the body of Christ. He just gave Jesus’ words by which we know this, and the disciples had to figure it out for themselves.
My Comments: “Master, to whom shall we go…?” After hearing the message of “the kingdom of God” which is at times “very hard,” how can one attach one self to some guru or commit one self to power or fame or money? Listening to the message of Jesus challenges us to live in love: most beautiful, most rewarding, most life-giving…and at times, most difficult!

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions: Melanie wrote that we pray the following: "May Mike McClanahan come to peace with his medical situation and accept what is next." Continue to pray for Julie McKay (breast cancer--note to last post). My sister, Judi, will have an operation on her hands. Remember all on our lists. Lindsay Smith's voice may be on the mend... she really wants to praise God with her voice and this gives us call to pray for all who can not use their gifts because of illness or economy or....
Birthdays this week: Neil Cyrus 8/11, Anniversary: Michele & Mike Lay 8/12
Keeping-in-touch: We enjoyed a quiet week… our excitement: Rockies won the series with the Cubs!
Comments on the Readings: Fr. Foley: “Stop thinking that your life will ever make sense if you fill it with piles of stuff and forget the one thing you need the most: closeness to God and closeness through God to everyone and everything else.”
My Comments: I have experienced great faith with the men at Nativity who joined in a study of Christology. They shared their experience of receiving the Bread of Life and they expect to live forever. We reflected on our lack of wisdom but we enjoyed our journey and prayed to continue to walk in faith.

May the peace of Christ be with each of you.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions: We should praise Our God for all the gifts God has given us! What a wonderful creation God has set before us. And I have received good news from some of my companions: Audrey is doing well and we’ll continue to pray for a healthy baby; Sharon wrote that Kari “… is doing well.. getting preventative treatment, but technically right now she is 'cancer free'”; and Mike told me his brother, Jim, is recovering from his heart procedure. Let us listen as God tries to speak through our hearts (I added the reference to Centering Prayer for this week)
Birthdays this week: Maggie Lay (younger) 8/2,Gary Carnegie 8/7
Keeping-in-touch: We had a wonderful week: we returned to our swing of things, our SCC camping was “wet and wild,” and we attended the beautiful installation of Fr. Eustace at Ignatius Loyola Parish.

The Readings:
Comments on the Readings: Fr. Foley: “God pursues us quietly, gently. How can we partake? Receiving Communion is a central way.”
My Comments: I have so little about which to complain, yet I find myself murmuring over little aches and pains. And I remember my “Elijah experience” many years ago… that dangerous memory has led me to a wonderful life filled with every good thing and loving & compassionate companions. Lord, help me to rejoice in the life You have given me as well as the fullness of Life that you promise. Help me bring “good news” to others and move on to what You have in store for me.