Monday, May 30, 2011

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

My Companions: Let us praise the Lord, seek forgiveness, live with gratitude and ask for our daily bread. Let us pray for all who have sought our fellowship in Christ especially those who are sick, Marge; those who suffer from poverty and neglect; those who experience the devastation of war and natural disasters; and those who long to find meaning, peace and love in life.

Birthdays: no birthdays on my calendar; Anniversary: Bob & +Mary Weed (6/5).

Keeping In-touch: Our week was filled with doctor's appointments, education on breast cancer and preparation for our attack of the disease.  We have met with others who have fought this battle and are winning.  We celebrated the love and support of the Church in the Sacrament of the Sick on Wednesday with Fr. Ed.  And we have connected with family and friends who are praying and adding our concerns to many prayer lists.  We also experienced more days of sunshine and participated in out-door activities: gardening and tennis.  We are grateful for the love of friendship and the joy of faith.  As we remember those who served, those who fought, and those who died for our freedom on this Memorial Day, let us also remember all those who sought and seek to bring us the fullness of life.

The Readings: Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Fr. Foley's reflections: Ascension
My comments and an invitation for you: This Sunday we will celebrate Jesus "ascent into heaven."  The image of Jesus launching, like a rocket ship, to heaven, like another planet, filled my imagination as a child who needed concrete images for everything.  But my modern, more formal imagination makes me struggle more with the image and recognize Jesus unity with the Father who is Love and is everywhere, anytime.  Jesus is fully in the Power of the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is with us, in Power, especially in the Breaking of the Bread.  We need not look to the sky, "What are you looking for?"  We need to focus on God's presence and God's promise and let that direct our lives.

May the Peace of Christ be with you all,


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Columbine, symbol of the Holy Spirit
My Companions: As always let us praise the Lord our God for all God's glory and life.  And as we examine our daily lives, let's seek forgiveness for our sins of omission and commission.  Let our hearts and minds be filled with gratitude, especially for our family and friends who love us and support us.  Join together as we voice our needs and concerns to the One who loves us like none we can imagine: please help the victims of political unrest and natural disaster, especially the people in the Middle East, North Africa and the flood victims in the central part of our country; help all who have been attacked by disease especially my Bride, Margaret, give us courage and strength and wisdom to fight and find Your will in our struggle.

Birthdays: Michael Ross (5/26)

Keeping In-touch: You noticed the prayer for my Bride.  We were stunned by the diagnosis that she has breast cancer.  Of course we're scared and upset but we will find God's will in our new challenge, we will pass through sufferings and learn more about life and love.  We have begun our assault on this disease: we met with the surgeon and did some pre-op stuff yesterday and have our next appointment on June 1st.  We appreciate all your prayers.

The Readings: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Fr. Foley's reflections: Not Leave Us Orphans
My comments and an invitation for you: This Sunday we celebrate the Holy Spirit.  Oh what a wonderful and mysterious world when we take note of the grandeur of God in the people and all creation who conspire and participate in the incarnation.  We have God among us and have been promised a fullness and glory we can not imagine.

May the Peace of Christ be with you all,


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fifth Sunday of Easter

My Companions: Sing praise to the Lord, holy, holy, holy and rejoice in all God's glory.  Seek forgiveness for our neglect and/or selfishness.  And fill your hearts with gratitude as we seek our daily bread.

Birthdays Matthew Peterson (5/15) Mike Norton d. 1987 (5/21) & Anniversary: Audrey & Vern Rapp (5/19 60th wedding anniversary), Gary Dixon (5/20 -- d. 2009).

Keeping in-touch: Our week was filled doctor's appointments and tennis, online classes and Spring gardening... pretty much regular stuff.

The Readings: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fr. Foley's Reflections: The Way Home
My comments and an invitation for you: The Father has prepared a place for us in His Kingdom; and invites us to participate in His budding Kingdom on earth today.  We can enter His Kingdom each time we choose to love and allow His Love to become incarnate in us.

May the Peace of Christ be with all of you,


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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fourth Sunday of Easter

My Companions: Let us sing praise to God who calls us each by name. Let us seek God's mercy for anything that keeps us from living fully and showing God's glory. And let us thank God for all good gifts.  Let us present our needs, especially our health and well being and for Linda Kent's father, Mr. Sunderman who died peacefully 5/3.

Birthdays: Patrick Norton (5/8), Connie Kobza (5/10). Anniversary: Katie & Jim Frodl (5/11).

Keeping In-touch: Just a little news:  I lost my first team league mixed-doubles tennis match, so there is room for improvement. Our nephew, Tim Weed, was accepted this weekend to attend seminary with the Holy Cross Fathers at Notre Dame.  Congratulations Tim!  We will pray for you in your studies and your discernment process.  And we expect your prayers.

The Readings: Fourth Sunday of Easter

Fr. Foley's Reflections: Sheepish?

My comments... and an invitation for your insights: I never wanted to be a follower and don't really care to be likened to sheep.  I'm pretty proud and believe I can "turn myself over" and/or "find green pastures."  But lately, I have great joy in communion with others who know that our Shepherd calls us each by name and desires, for us, abundant life!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Third Sunday of Easter

Our Emmaus Institute Logo
My Companions: Let us praise God, Lover--Love--Beloved, for all the glory of life that we notice more fully as Spring fills all of our senses with new life.  Let us seek forgiveness, especially for our lack of trust in God's love and mercy.  Let us allow our hearts burn with gratitude for all our blessings.  And, let us seek all we need to show God's glory especially health in mind, body and spirit.

Birthdays: Anna Margaret DeBaar (5/3), Tom Reynolds (5/3), Willy Smith (5/5), Molly Norton (5/6), Sharon McKay (5/7).

Keeping In-touch: I'm so late this week!  So much work and a little worry.  Our trip to Illinois and Michigan was delightful and will, hopefully, bring much fruit in the next few months.

The Readings: Third Sunday of Easter

Fr. Foley's Reflections: On the Way

My thoughts.... and an invitation to you: Although this Gospel Reading is my favorite of all, I have little time to comment other than to write: let's take some time to recognize how much "our hearts are burning within us" as we celebrate all the life we are given to share!  Almost forgot: Happy Mother's Day to my "mother-companions"!!

May the Peace of Christ be with each of you,


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