Friday, February 1, 2013

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, forgive me for my impatience when others will not accept the gifts I offer. Help me put my disappointment at rejection in the context of Jesus and his message being rejected by his contemporaries and so many men and women through history. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may give you glory by a living a life of joy and service. Thank you for all the wonder of Your creation and Your gift of life and health. Continue to bless and heal our family members and friends who struggle these days, especially those on our lists. And help all parents and parents-to-be bring the glory of Your life to their children; especially bless our friends who seek to adopt a child in our sick culture where many babies are discarded before they have a chance to show Your Glory. Bless all who have gone before us, may they bask in Your perpetual light! Amen.

Birthdays: Avery Elizabeth Johnson (2/10), Mohamed Lofty (2/10).

Keeping In-touch:  I'm very happy to have completed "Inside Islam" with the men of Nativity (St. Joseph's Group). And I'm happy to be very active with college classes to teach. Marge and I have enthusiastic anticipation for our visit with Julz and her babies (our grandchildren), Makayla & David, in the middle of the month. Otherwise we're just "living large" expecting the best in life.

My comments and an invitation for your comments:  This week one of my students wrote that Jesus' message is simplistic: love God and each other. I guess, in a way, that is simple, until you begin to reflect on how easy it is to be impatient, jealous, pompous, rude, and quick-tempered. Why is it so difficult to let others love you? Why is it so difficult to allow God to love you? Why can't we just walk through the crowd when we are rejected? I'm over 60 years old and I'm only beginning to know the LORD's awesome love for me, I'm only beginning to really feel the love of others, I'm only beginning to let that light shine through me.  How about you?


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