Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions pray with me: LORD, create in me a new heart. Take away my stony heart filled with regret, judgment, anger, envy and selfishness; make for me a heart filled with life-giving compassion, respect, generosity, and love for you and all your people. Help me to know your unconditional love and return that great gift through loving all people of good will. And please bless all of our work as we celebrate the gifts and joys of our labor.

Birthdays: Joseph Foresman (9/3), Mike Pintek (9/7); Anniversaries: Connie & Alan Kobza (9/3), Julie & Jason Schnitzer (9/5), Lori Beth & Tony Gulmantovicz (9/7); Joan & Gary Carnegie (9/8);  In Memoriam: Emma Lay (9/5/74).

Keeping In-touch: We have enjoyed a "regular" week, all but another warm one. I finished-up my "Adult Spiritual Life and Growth" course and endured a KofC leadership training in an attempt to look for opportunities to use our online services. And I'm reviewing a new course at Regis University: "Living Lives with Meaning." Marge fights the heat working to keep her garden growing. Otherwise the home-front is quiet. 

The Readings: Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments: I guess that growing-up in the '50s and '60s I experienced a generation or two that seemed to ignore or disregard most law and authority. Even if there was an appeal to lofty ideals of "love" & "peace," many people just wanted to "do their own thing." The value of the law pointing to something good or life-giving was rarely noticed. As I grow old I appreciate the wisdom of the experience of "the ancient ones" and the icons they have left us; but I still become very frustrated with functionaries that honor with their lips, yet have hearts of stone. I hope I may follow "the traditions of the elders," and live by the law that has been "written in my heart."

Let us share all celebrate the work we have done, are doing and will do in our lives. May it always give glory to the LORD and serve our brothers and sisters.


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions: LORD, thank you for accompanying us on our journey. Help us appreciate and acknowledge your grace and your mercy. Help us find you in our families, our friends and in all things. May we celebrate our stories and visions and connect them with the Story of your love and the Vision of the fulfillment of our lives in you. Thank you for the gift of life and your curing hand especially Marge's renewed health, forgive us for our failing to love at all times, and please give us what we need: especially health and guidance for my sister, Judi, and her daughter, Molly.

Birthdays: Katie (Lay) Johnson (8/19), James Carnegie (8/26), Evan Joshua Parise (9/1); Anniversaries: Mark & Vicky Schnitzer (8/20), Bill & Lindsay Smith (8/29); In Memoriam: Fr. Joe Hirsch (8/24/09), Mike McClanahan (8/28/09)

Keeping In-touch: Wow! almost a year has passed since I added a post to this blog... and what a year it has been. The most important news: Marge has completed her chemo infusions and we have great expectations. We also have another grandchild, David Schnitzer! The summer has been delightful with a trip to Yellowstone and a visit from the San Jose clan. We completed a course at our parish: My Life with the Saints. I invite you to login and participate in the online element here; the enrollment key is the word Saints.
I will return to sharing my prayer and preparation with you.

The Readings: Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Commentary: Fr. John Foley, S. J.
My comments and an invitation for your comments: So where would we go? Peter's answer to the question of Jesus, "Will you also leave me?" strikes a cord with my experience. I have many friends and family-members who have "walked away from the church." I have also felt "used and abused," but where would I go? In spite of all the sin and idiocy I have encountered in the church (my own included), it is here I have experienced the unconditional love of Christ.

Let us share all the love we have experienced this week and always.


Comments, Reflections, Insights...