Monday, February 26, 2018

Third Sunday of Lent

My Companions, pray with me:
Lord, you called for the Woman at the Well to give you a drink. She responded by seeking to engage you in a theological argument! Help us to respond to your call; help us to grow in relationship with you.
We sing the glory of God; we seek forgiveness with the knowledge of God's mercy; and we ask for all we need from God who only desires the best for us.
Thank you for all the life you bring us each moment. Touch and heal all who suffer and long for your sweet comfort, especially Clarlee Stevens.
Bring all our loved ones who have gone before us into your loving embrace, this week we especially remember Gary's friend, Vern,
  We ask all of this in Jesus name. 

Companion EventsBirthdays: Tom Duggan (2/26),  In memoriam: Vern Evans (2/21/18).

Keeping In-touch: What a wonderful time to visit family in Iowa (and what awful weather!). We enjoyed the talent and effort of all the young Ankeny Students in the Show Choir Event... especially our Julianne. I'm so grateful for my son, Matthew, filling-in for me at our Sunday gathering of Breathing Underwater

The Readings: Third Sunday of Lent

Some Commentary for prayer or study: The Sunday Website
My comments and an invitation for your comments: This is one of my favorite Gospel readings. No only does Jesus challenge the people of his day (and us too, today) to move beyond the life-stifling attitudes and conventions of our time, he offers life-giving water. And I relate to the Woman at the Well: too often I spar with my God in my attempt to know and understand, when all God desires is my love. God freely offers us life... we try to earn what we can never earn..............the love that is always, unconditionally offered to us.

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