Monday, June 11, 2018

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Companions, pray with me: Lord, we desire to know, love, and serve you because you shower your love on us and only desire to grow your kingdom of love. In this may we bring you glory. Please forgive us our selfishness and our failure to turn to your light to grow with you. Thank you for all your wonderful gifts. Please give us all that we need. We especially pray for the gift of health for all those on our prayer lists: especially for Davey's operation Tuesday. Welcome all those who have gone before us, especially Mary Weed who we remember her eternal anniversary this week, to your perpetual light.
  We ask all of this in Jesus name. 

Companion Events:   Birthdays:  Julianne Stevens (6/10), Lauren Ann Lay (6/10),  Andrew Kornacki (6/15), Gina Feely (6/15). Anniversary: Eloise & Phil Georgen (6/12/65)In memoriam: Mary (Norton) Weed  (6/12/09).

Keeping In-touch: We returned to the warm furnace of the Denver Area.  Now we have much work to do to make the swamp coolers keep us cool and put the yard back together. Marge returns to Pacific Grove to support Grandson, Davey, and family during his operation and recovery. I have enough chores to keep me out of trouble.

Some Commentary for prayer or study: The Sunday Website

My comments and an invitation for your comments: How does God's Kingdom grow? The parable tells us we just do not know but we can trust that God is in charge and we are called to choose life and grow with the kingdom.

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