Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sixth Sunday of Easter

My Companions, pray with me:
Lord, we praise you and wonder at all your creation and goodness in life. We are shamed at our failures to love and seek your forgiveness. Thank you for all your gifts. Please continue to give us all that we need to grow in your love and serve you. We seek your blessings for all those in special need of your loving care. Welcome all to your glorious light especially those who have no one to pray for them.
  We ask all of this in Jesus name. 

Companion Events:   Birthdays:  Rae Ryan (5/1), Anna Margaret DeBaar (5/3), Mike Hennigan (5/3), Tom Reynolds (5/3), Willy Smith (5/5). Anniversary: Al andTeresa Hardy (5/2/87). In memoriam: Elaine Hebert (5/2/13).

Keeping In-touch: We made it home and appreciate our home and bed, but still need to catch-up on our rest. We enjoyed the opportunity to share Davey and Makayla's birthdays and be with our California family. The Ocean showed us its grace and power...

The Readings: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Some Commentary for prayer or study: The Sunday Website

My comments and an invitation for your comments: How can we love as Jesus loved? We first need to know his awesome love for us. Then, maybe, we can remove some of our "stinking thinking" and live in the world with compassion, hope and service-filled love.

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