Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pentecost Sunday

My Companions, pray with me: Lord, how can we praise you for all your glory? When we stop to appreciate your creation and all your goodness we simply sit amazed. Forgive us or our thoughts, our words, and our deeds that keep from participating in your glory. Thank you for all your wonderful gifts especially your gift of the Holy Spirit to bring your life within us. As you answer all our prayers, especially our prayers for companions to be renewed in their health, help us to understand the work of your healing hand. Welcome all our departed brothers and sisters to the fullness of your kingdom, especially those on our list and those who have no one to pray for them.
  We ask all of this in Jesus name. 

Companion Events:   Birthdays:  Matthew Peterson (5/15), Pat Backes (5/15). Anniversary: Jen and Eli DeQuiroz (5/13/12). In memoriam: Gerald Klaus  (5/18/1987), William Wooten (5/18/17).

Keeping In-touch: We simply enjoyed lots-a-golf, a little tennis, and time with friends (John); yoga exercises, crafts, meeting with friends, and time with friends and Spring growing things (Marge). We appreciated all the "pennies from heaven"/"we can always use the moisture.

The Readings: Pentecost Sunday

Some Commentary for prayer or study: The Sunday Website

My comments and an invitation for your comments: I imagine the fear and confusion of the Apostles as waited for the courage and strength to continue the mission they were given by Christ. Then, with the Holy Spirit, they were given the strength and courage they needed to step out into the world. I need to be more open to the Spirit giving me strength and courage.

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