Thursday, April 12, 2018

Third Sunday of Easter

My Companions, pray with me:
Lord, we praise you for the glory of all the life you have given in your continual creation. Forgive us for failing to notice you and the work of your hands. Thank you for all your gifts, especially for sharing your life with us and welcoming us to participate as co-creators with you. We ask for your healing and loving kindness, especially for Mike, Keith.
  We ask all of this in Jesus name. 

Companion Events:   Birthdays:  Madelyn Ross  (4/9). 

Keeping In-touch: We had a wonderful trip to Chicago-land and South Bend.  We visited my brother, Mike, in the hospital, had dinner with family members, then traveled to Notre Dame for Fr. Tim Weed's Ordination and 1st Mass. The celebrations were beautiful and we received plenty to eat. Before we headed home we had a good visit with our friends Bob and Ann at their Wonder Lake Home. We visited the Schmitt Chapel and the Farm learned that my cousin, Keith, lost half of his leg because of an infection.

The Readings: Third Sunday of Easter

Some Commentary for prayer or study: The Sunday Website

My comments and an invitation for your comments: Too often we find ourselves looking for "miracles" or "marvelous events" and we fail to notice the wonder of God in our everyday lives.

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